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This series of mosaic works looks at emerging cultures and behaviours within the internet space whilst also commenting on the importance of archiving events within the internet's history. For each of these pieces I have been taking inspiration from trending comments that you can find on various social media platforms; these comments vary from comical to weird, to alarming! The thing that really struck me about these comment memes was the fact that they only seem to be popular for a short period of time, perhaps a couple of months at best, before they are then replaced with the next popular comment to copy and paste. I think this is indicative of the way in which we use social media in particular, we are constantly updating and refreshing and posting, we build layer upon layer of information; so for me, by digging back down through the history of our feeds, I want to capture these strange little moments. The idea to recreate them as mosaics was to play on this idea of the works being almost archaeological. There are real similarities when you start searching through the forgotten detritus of social media feeds, to digging up the earth and discovering some ancient artefact.

I feel like we are living through this rapid age of expanding technological capability, and that is understandably having an impact on our behaviour as a species. My concern is that these developments are so present, we are not stopping to consider the resulting changes to our behaviours. I want these pieces to reflect what it truly means to take a step back, and begin to consider what is happening within the internet space, and how it is affecting us. 

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