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In my latest series of walking-based paintings, I've built upon an earlier exploration, delving into the temporal division I've experienced in the 21st century between the real and digital worlds. As I embarked on various walks in the picturesque countryside surrounding my home, I carefully gathered datasets to map and illustrate the growing intrusion of the digital realm into our daily lives. The resulting pieces begin with a photograph captured from each walk; I then meticulously divide the image into specific rectangular segments, with each segment symbolizing one minute of the journey.

Some segments are blocked out in vivid fluorescent paint, signifying the minutes in which I was engrossed in the digital world, whether writing a message, capturing a photo, taking a phone call, or so on. These works vividly convey the concept I refer to as the 'digital distraction,' a phenomenon that all of us grapple with in today's technologically advanced society. The more time I invest in my phone, the more obscured the once-pristine natural world becomes, invoking a sense that the real world is gradually disappearing and raising questions about how we choose to invest and use our time.

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